Project Description

Client:  Lagan Construction

Value:  €510k

Contact:  Gary Gallagher – 028 9055 4498

Contract Period:  September 2017 – March 2018

This project involves a new water reservoir at Crockaveeny and a new water pumping station building at Inishowen in Buncrana, Co. Donegal. These are two separate sites, approximately 6km apart, with a new watermain system being installed between both sites (watermain installation by others).

McMackin Contracts were contracted to complete all associated works at Crockaveeny reservoir which included bulk earthworks including rock breaking, stoning of site, drainage, ducting, base preparation for a precast tank installed by Shay Murtagh, installation of HDPE and Ductile Iron pipework, Ibex fencing & gates, tarmac access road, bollards & site lighting and kerbs.

Works at Inishowen site in Lower Illies involved excavation near existing services and construction of a new water pumping station building on an elevated site. Works included the following:

  • All temporary works associated with all works at Illies Protection of Ballymagan main (700mm), service ducts supporting, dewatering and slope stability on excavation, scaffolding access, lifting as required.
  • Supply and construction of Water Pumping Station – including doors and windows, hollowcore slabs for roof of tank and mezzanine flooring, timber truss roof with blue/black slate.
  • Supply and installation of all Access Metalwork hand railing around tank, hand railing and stairs inside building and steel to support mezzanine flooring.
  • Supply and installation of all site drainage, ducting and associated drain around building and collecting all downspouts and gullys and existing drainage to outlet pipe, ducts connecting around works to existing duct chambers, manholes and duct chambers as per drawing.
  • Supply and construction of Protection Slab for Ballymagan SR Supply Pipeline supply, place and maintain concrete slab.
  • Supply and construction of weir chamber- reinforced concrete with base walls and roof, and lid.
  • Supply and construction of all site finishes including path, kerbing, tarmac access road, bollards and lamp post.