Project Description

A8 Larne to Belfast Dual Carriageway

Co. Antrim


Client:  Lagan/Ferrovial/Costain

Value:  Circa £2.5M

Contact:  Mervyn Latten (Project Manager) – 077 4815 8946


Works Undertaken – McMackin Contracts completed various elements of work on the A8 Larne to Belfast Dual Carriageway scheme. Initial works involved considerable material excavation and disposal, both on- and off-site. This was carried out with McMackin Contracts’ modern fleet of excavators, dump trucks and dozers. Over one million cubic metres of material was excavated and moved to areas on site, with some disposal offsite also. McMackin Contracts also undertook the majority of the drainage sub-contract on the scheme, which included the installation of filter drains. Another major element of the drainage contract carried out by McMackin Contracts was the installation of lagoons throughout the scheme and the lining of these with a MDPE liner.

McMackin Contracts completed the installation of all culverts throughout the scheme. This work involved considerable excavation in all area to facilitate the placement of the culverts. With such major works in waterways the environmental protection of the waterways was paramount and through careful management all culverts were installed without environmental incident. McMackin Contracts also carried out all the earth works for the overpasses and underpasses on the scheme. This involved the excavation and shifting of a large amount of material, as well as rock breaking in various areas.